How to look £1m without spending it

Whilst it would be a dream come true for many of us to have an inexhaustible fashion budget, the reality is that even keeping up with a handful of on-trend pieces can prove expensive – and what good is it looking amazing if you can’t afford to go anywhere to show it off? Here are some tips on how you can achieve that expensive, classy style without splashing too much

Live by A Colour Scheme

A capsule wardrobe built around a few key colours can be super cost effective and reduce the what-to- wear blues significantly!
Think about the chicest celebrities and what they wear. Mostly similar colour schemes, right?
Choose a couple of mix-and- match neutrals like navy and camel, then build in one or two statement colours and prints to keep it interesting – not only will this make getting ready easier, but it will make shopping easier too – if it doesn’t fit your colour scheme, you don’t need it!

Skimp well, Spend well

Some items, like lingerie and denim, are worth splashing a little more cash for – whilst other items don’t warrant spending a fortune. For trend-led pieces opt for budget buys. Invest a little more money in classic pieces that never go out of style – like skinny jeans and a coat that fits well. Discount retailers can be great for this as you can pick up top quality items at budget prices. Win win!

Learn how to at-home mani like a pro

Few things pull a look together as well as a good manicure. As luxurious as it is to head to the salon, learning to paint your own nails to a decent standard can save you a fortune over time and ensure you still get that prim effect. Brush up on your skills by checking out a few YouTube vids, and save the professional manicures for a special treat instead!

Less is (almost) always more

Think of the iconic fashion role models – often their looks are simple and timeless. Busy patterns and OTT designs are great fun, but typically require more accessories to pull the outfit together – and as a result can end up costing much more! While completely updating your wardrobe with these tips sounds like a big, costly project, its important to remember the journey! You don’t need to make this transformation overnight (or at all!) and you can simply adopt the ones that make sense to you. If you really love your bright, bold and busy wardrobe then embrace it – the cheapest and most effective way to look £1m is to rock whatever look you choose with bags of confidence!