How to get the best bargains on eBay

Over the past decade eBay has changed the way we shop (and sell) almost everything – including both pre-loved and brand new fashion.

To help you get the most for your money, we’re sharing our expertise with these handy tips for getting the best bargains on eBay!

1. Auction Addict? Shop on a Sunday!
Research shows that the most popular day for sellers to end their auctions is Sunday – so if you’re looking for a bargain wait until weekend to place your bids!

2. Follow your favourite Sellers
By following your favourite sellers on eBay and social media, you will get notifications when they launch new offers and promotions – helping you save even more! (by the way you can follow us on twitter @LWClearance and @VeryClearance)

3. Search Spelling Errors
For products with unusual brand names, try typos in your search. For example “Burkenstock” or “Leevis” may turn up great items nobody else has thought to look for!

4. Buy it Now can be cheaper
The thrill of the chase in an auction can be addictive, but remember that sometimes you could pick up an item just as cheap, and without the wait, in a Buy It Now listing.

5. Beware of “too good” deals
Spotted a pair of designer sunglasses for under a tenner? It’s probably too good to be true – beware of counterfeit items! When buying branded goods, always buy from a reputable eBay seller (like us!)

Putting these tips into practice can put you at the top of your eBay game and save you money on loads of purchases! Happy shopping!