5 fashion trends that will never die

Fashion trends that will never die

Remember shell suits? Flares? Some fashion trends come and go – others are here for the long haul. Here’s our list of fashion trends that will never go, er, out of fashion! These clothes have become a perennial favourite for British fashionistas and are pieces that you just don’t want to get rid of!

1. Jeans

Let’s face it: Fashion is fickle. Last season’s hottest new trend is often this season’s biggest embarrassment. However, one fashion essential has graced almost every British wardrobe for decades. Whether you’re 6 or 66, a good pair of jeans is just as fashionable now as they were in the 1950s. Invest in a good pair that will last you a few years – a pair of jeans should provide you with a return on your investment. Holes and frays are a big no-no as far as we’re concerned – try and keep it simple! The great thing about denim is that it can be worn with almost anything. Want to throw on yesterday’s top? Go for it. Want to wear something a little more formal? That’s cool too. Nothing mixes and matches better than your favourite pair of jeans.

2. The little black dress

It’s casual, it’s high couture. So much has been written on the little black dress over the last few years, we don’t know where to start! OK, it’s something every woman should have in their cupboard. How much you want to spend is up to you (some big name brands sell these garments for thousands of pounds) but this should be your go-to item if you have an important date or work function where you just want to look your best. Accessorise with jewellery and high-heel shoes but beware: Nothing should take the attention away from your little black dress!

3. Ted Baker

Ted Baker is synonymous with British fashion, flying the flag for UK style around the world. This brand was founded in Glasgow in 1988 and has delighted shoppers in the nineties, noughties, and right now. Ted Baker can be worn by both men and women (Ted Baker Women was launched in 1995), and each garment has connotations of style and prestige. This British superbrand will never go out of fashion as far as we’re concerned!

4. Animal prints

You’ll be surprised how popular animal prints are (remember when Spice Girl Mel B was rocking leopard prints back in the 1990s?) – and how they keep making a comeback. Essentially, these prints are made up of blacks and browns (sometimes beiges), which means they complement pretty much anything you wear. The key here is to be conservative: If you’re wearing a leopard-print scarf, don’t wear zebra-print boots at the same time. Take it from us: You’ll want to avoid a serious fashion disaster, after all!

5. The white tee

A white T-shirt might not be the most exciting garment in your wardrobe but it’s probably the most versatile. Wear it in the summer with a pencil skirt or in the winter under a leather jacket. White T-shirts don’t have to have brand motifs to make a bold statement; complete the look with colourful accessories like bracelets or a watch.